Lead Validation & Lead Scoring

Over 50 % of forms aren’t leads with potential

Managing leads while they are hot is crucial for conversion. But your probably get requests for information about your business mixed in with records that seek employment or aim to sell you something. You need to be able to filter out only the leads with potential to align your best resources with your best potential. You need to establish each lead’s best potential to assign it the best platform/channel.

The problem with data quality

Another serious problem with the forms is made up or missing data that is incomplete for a contact. Made up data is a waste of time for your sales force. Missing data leads to a lack of response to requests and a bad image.

Valid, qualified leads from the get-go

DataCentric provides the online tools to improve record quality and profiles. First, we validate the contact data: postal addresses, emails, phone numbers, national ID numbers, and so forth. Secondly, we activate Auto-Fill and formatting processes to facilitate form completion. Thirdly, we apply a golden record process to unify a person’s information and prevent clients from being treated as if they were unknown. Fourthly, we enrich the data and run an online calculation of the conversion potential score. Finally, we can automate follow-up and contacting activities and analyze the metrics of each step.

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