Campaign Management

Email marketing solutiones and Communication services

A brand’s contact strategy needs to be consistent, integrated and respond in real time to each user’s interaction.

Our technological Xcampaign platform allows you to develop and implement an automated, mass communications plan. But with content that is fully customized for each user in order to ensure maximum pertinence for each of them.

Technology, Data and value added services

Our technology will enable you to segment, test, and apply dynamic, responsive content, implement chains of messages, and deliver large volumes of email, and all with full online reports. But we wouldn’t be covering all of your needs if we didn’t complement this with consultancy on best practice and global services for databases, process automation and email and landing page design.

Xcampaign Advantages

Xcampaign stands out for its deliverability by avoiding SPAM filters and thanks to its automatic learning and powerful Marketing features. Our best reference is the more than 200 major advertisers from all types of industries that use Xcampaign as their management product for several communications channels.

Si necesitas cualquier tipo de información o asesoramiento sobre nuestros servicios de DataCentric, contacta con nosotros y te ayudaremos encantados.