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Spanish and Portuguese Market Data for Big Data and Marketing Projects

We are specialists in the search and provision of data from the spanish and portuguese market. Working with Deyde DataCentric you will get:

  • 30 years of experience in List Broking, List Management and Data Services.
  • Working with a provider of the largest worldwide local search companies
  • A partner specialized in the Spanish and Portuguese market
  • The leading provider of real estate data in Spain and Portugal as part of Tinsa Group, leader in real estate valuation and smart data, which generates reputable real estate data verified by appraisers.
  • Compliance by design services. All our products and services are designed from the ground up in accordance with the European regulatory framework (GDPR). Consumer data is either anonymized and aggregated or obtained with the user’s explicit consent.

Information for Business Intelligence and Data Projects

  • Business data like income, number of employees, digitalization index or managers and purchasing decision makers
  • More than 3200 consumers indicators related to a geographic variable (gross and available income, cadastral data, default ratio, household structure, household budgeting, finance information, life conditions, technological consume...)
  • Real estate datasets for banks, insurers and other Big Data users and analytical models that will help you assess the value of your real estate portfolio, ESG risks, demand, liquidity or price forecasts
  • Street geocoordinate database in Spain. A Masterfile based on Cadastre, Postal and Geographical Information (including The Basque Country and Navarre) for mapping platforms and local information directories
  • Customised datasets to suit your needs. We model data to generate new variables that do not exist in any data source or fill in gaps.

Qualified Data for Marketing Campaigns

  • More than 3.9 million companies and freelancers in Spain and 1.4 million with verified real activity
  • More than 15 million OPT-IN mobile phones for telemarketing and SMS marketing campaigns with a wide variety of segments (from new mothers and pregnants to those interested in travel or pet owners)
  • More than 12 million emails from consumers in Spain segmentable by interests, socioeconomic level, geography, gender or age and 220,000 emails from managers with decision-making power
  • Email marketing services that include: Segmentation, sending e-mailing and reporting
  • Customized lead generation and qualification services
  • Online promotion management services for the management, collection and display of the results of your promotional campaign

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Ph. +34 91 382 20 02
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