Data Solutions

How are companies oriented towards data?

Companies that recognize the strategic value of data and use them to compete and cooperate are more productive and obtain higher profits. Currently, the advent of new technology and the data boom pose a great challenge and this translates into greater complexity when managing and ensuring data quality and veracity. But the objective remains the same: getting an overall picture of the data with the right accessibility to serve your business needs.  At Datacentric we have the simple and flexible data and technology we need in order to accurately help our clients gain a competitive advantage, transform their customers’ experiences, optimize their management processes, add value to existing products or create new products and business models, identify the most profitable customers, define key target segments and efficiently manage acquisition and retention resources.  Data for lead qualification, competitive intelligence, web and mobile applications, location- based searches, etc., together with maximum coverage and updating are the main reason that we use a host of sources to build and update the most complete and accurate business and private individual datasets including financial, socio-demographic, and socio-economic data GEOindicators, Land registry data, data on risk and solvency, and so forth.

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