Data Analytics

 Data Insight

Globalization and market competitiveness make it increasingly necessary to get to know customers better in order to make business decisions profitable.; At Datacentric we afford products for our clients that facilitate gathering, structuring and validating all data sources to later transform them in information, turning Big Data into Smart Data, and:

  • Improving knowledge on current customers to achieve new customers, generate loyalty and retention.
  • Defining a more effective marketing strategy, new revenue opportunities, and enhanced customer service and operating efficiency

Data Strategy

We help companies with the challenge of applying advanced data analytics in order to better understand their processes and focus their resources to make the best offers yielding the best results.

Our services focus on storing and exploiting data to get to know customers better and enhance contacting capacity, quality, profitability and retention by:

  • Enriching with our Datalake
  • Data processing and auditing to run quality checks on the data and validate the possibility of using them for different analyses
  • Integrating and generating specific Datasets for each line of business
  • Customer segmenting: proposing an offer for each product and segment according to customer value and customer life cycle

Customer Analytics

By developing descriptive and predictive models, we help our customers to optimize and innovate in their business decisions by having analyzed and processed various sources of information and by implementing predictive models and building follow-up metrics all for:

  • Forecasting: predictive models on demand for launching new products or acquiring new customers
  • Dynamic customer management: analytical models to optimize expansion, acquisition, linking, loyalty and retention and satisfaction
  • Predictive modeling: generating models based on past behavior and designing actions and protocols for customer retention and loyalty


Geomarketing allows our clients to visualize their marketing strategies and discover the locations with the greatest business potential so that they can analyze the socio-economic situation from a geographical standpoint through mapping data and products offering spatial statistics. In the world of business distribution, geomarketing techniques allow for broaching the usual critical issues in this sector that are not always correctly addressed and can be summed up in the following question: who buys where?

  • Optimizing the store network and defining an expansion strategy:  why do some establishments work better than others? What are the characteristics of each store’s areas of influence? What is the potential market in a given area? What is the ideal location for a new premise?
  • Optimizing the impact of advertising campaigns: where are the best customers? What are the socio-demographic characteristics of a given area? Which areas in Spain conform to a given characteristic (wealth, population and so forth)? Where should I try to focus my effort to maximize the campaigns’ impact?

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