Market Data

The need to combine your own data with external information

What is my potential for market expansion worth? How can I run my preliminary checks in real time on the identity of consumers who are requesting installment payments? I need to be able to evaluate the leads coming in and set priorities! How can I indicate the closest open pharmacy? We need to identify potential customers in the buildings where we already offer services …

Often, external information and data are a must to understand the market where a business operates or to develop and optimize business processes.

New communications channels have made marketing disciplines evolve and focus shift from an outbound to inbound. Customers don’t wait. They search for what they need and, along their way, they leave digital traces generating huge amounts of information. Data and services allowing for identification, evaluation and prioritization of both our contacts and new relations coming in from a host of communications channels have become a must.

Data for business and marketing activities and business process integration

DataCentric’s most important asset is our ability and experience in creating, managing and supplying data for business and marketing activities and integrating them into our clients’ business processes.

Information on companies and businessesInformation on households and private individuals
Business Listings, information to be able to contact and visit businesses, sales outlets and servicesGeographical data to be able to locate consumers and sales outlets and services and manage distances
Land registry data on properties, homes and buildingsSocio-economic levels and socio-demographic profiles of individuals, households and areas
Frequently searched for and requested points of interestCustomized Web research

DataCentric’s data sources are organized as an information system based on Big Data techniques and a data lake. They come as a response to new challenges faced by businesses as a result of the data boom generated by new information and communications technology.

Enabling data

Datacentric’s Market Data brings together data sources from marketing, communications, analysis and decisions and enables them to be included in information systems, business and marketing activities, and in in-house business processes.

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