Master Data Management

Data management and government

Currently, one of the keys to success for any company is underpinned by reliable information to feed its operation and management. While executives agree with this, very few know whether they have processes within their organizations that ensure that the information they themselves consume is reliable…

Data administration is part and parcel of a business’ strategy ensuring that data processed by the systems is unequivocal and reliable. So at Datacentric, we have designed a methodology that makes it easy to apply criteria and rules to manage the organization’s major data for a consistent, reliable shared vision of the data.

Our MDM product

This product standardizes, enriches and unifies data and information to ensure proper integration while maintaining a single coding, avoiding duplicities and sharing pertinent information throughout all areas of the business: a single vision of customers and/or products, generating a single point of data entry

We have a DataQuality tried and tested method that enables us to purge, standardize, de-duplicate, verify, enrich and unify information maintaining a single coding to prevent duplicities and share pertinent information more quickly and easily in management. It provides specific, certain, quality data for decision-making and integrating marketing systems, for CRM, ERP, Data Warehouses, BI applications, SOA architecture and more.

Business Applications

Through intensive data use, we help companies standardize, modify, substitute, organize, eliminate and rectify the data obtained from a host of sources. Our products optimize the decision-making process for implementing marketing and sales campaigns or integrating data: they detect information gaps, damaged or obsolete records, check reference integrity and consistency between the names of attributes and the creation of standardized data all to help our customers in all aspects of data accuracy and compliance with data protection legislation.

Data management policies are geared towards optimizing accessibility to make the most of business information potential thanks to multi-features that can serve different purposes:

  • Locating data for each master-datafile among the various operational systems
  • Implementation of Data Quality processes
  • Implementation of batch or online ETL processes
  • Migration requiring data model transformation
  • Integration of operational solutions to control data at its point of entry

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