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Responsive B2C and B2B Audiences

Our database portfolio covers 20 million consumer emails and 600,000 professional emails including entrepreneurs, independent contractors and business managers. All of them come with permission, great engagement and the potential for segmenting that your campaign needs.

Specialists in Email Marketing and On-line acquisition

With over 15 years experience in Email Marketing, DataCentric offers you full services ranging from supply consultancy to database segmentation to campaign conception to lay-out of visuals and landing pages to re-targeting plans to reporting on each mail-out to feed-back on the results.

Data, segmentation and results

Email marketing is a powerful channel that enables you to reach a segmented audience on a specific date. But if you try to kill fleas with a sledgehammer or use an unreliable service provider, you’ll be left with no results and, what’s worse, with no online reputation.

In order for your acquisition campaigns to be successful, you need an expert partner who knows the most appropriate lists for each objective, segmenting, coverage and remuneration.

Online buyers

More than 4.000.000 Emails from online buyers.


More than 2.000.000 tech emails, fans of tech news.

Stock investors

More than 100.000 Emails from stock investors.

Portuguese consumers

More than 2.000.000 Emails from Portuguese consumers.


More than 55.000 Emails from managers registered in ManagersPLUS.

Professionals and freelancers

More than 200.000 Emails from professionals and freelancers from theHOY Professional community.


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