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DataCentric offers products that enable our clients to meet their key challenges with business initiatives for each industry. We combine data, analytics and technology to enhance the information’s value for strategy definition. This generates significant opportunities to improve customer loyalty and enhance not only growth and profitability, but also market share and differentiation. One of the most powerful tools that each business sector should have is the ability to analyze both in-house and external data to obtain predictive models holding the key to successful strategies for improving profitability and efficiency. DataCentric offers a set of products and services providing analytical capability and predictive models to exploit internal, external, structured and non-structured or big data. Data, the models obtained from data analysis and technology, are increasingly important for companies. With Data and Analytics we build and maintain relations with our clients, customize products, services and campaigns, detect areas with potential for expansion, optimize processes and, hand in hand with technology, prompt consumption in real time.

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