datos de inmuebles y edificios


datos de inmuebles y edificios


What is real estate data and what can it teach us?

Real estate data provides information about properties, their technical characteristics, their values ​​and even about potential acquisition behaviors. Its use allows building powerful solutions both in decision making and in the activation of marketing actions.

We are the leading provider of real estate data in Spain and Portugal

Deyde DataCentric has created the largest compendium of property and location datasets for banks, insurers and other Big Data users. We collect, correct and relate open and proprietary data (declarative or modeled) such as cadastral, geospatial information, weather, market data and valuations.

In addition, Deyde DataCentric belongs to the Tinsa Group, a leader in real estate valuation and smart data in Europe and Latin America, which means that we can work with an in-depth knowledge of the market and obtain precise and unique data.

Real Estate Data. What real estate data do we offer?

Use Case: ESG Risk Assessment of a real estate portfolio

More and more sustainability and efficiency will be value levers of a property. Our proprietary data and our analytical capabilities allow us to assess the risk efficiency of a real estate portfolio.

Physical Risks

Chronic Risks

Serious Risks


Level 1: Geographic

Level 2: Property

Level 3: Client



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