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DataCentric is the main database manager and creator of information sources in Europe. With our international network of partners we offer a wide portfolio of databases. Business Listings, POIs and Data Quality services are also available internationally. DataCentric offers a single access point to carry out pan-European campaigns and European database management, always with full knowledge about specific regulations in each market.

DataCentric provides:

  • Expert knowledge of primary European markets.
  • Databases and addresses of more than 50 million businesses and 100 million consumers, in Europe for online and offline B2B and B2C campaigns.
  • Business Listings and POIs for ES, PT, IT, PL, HU, CH, etc.
  • International consultancy for databases and consumer privacy matters.

Benefits of working with DataCentric:

  • Providers to the largest worldwide local search companies.
  • 20 years of experience in List Brokering, List Management and Data Services.
  • Experts in Data Privacy.

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  • "For more than 14 years, we have been working advantageously with DataCentric. We have always found expert advice in their people and quality data products surpassing our expectations. At the ICEMD we are leaders in interactive marketing training and, likewise, consider DataCentric to always show the same leadership in database marketing. This is why we hope to continue for many years to come with DataCentric as or data partners."

    Enrique Benayas - Managing Director ICEMD at ESIC Business Marketing School

  • "DataCentric has always afforded us with flexibility and a thorough knowledge of databases so that we select the best list. At OCU we are leaders in consumer care and protection and accordingly, we set our sights on proper compliance with privacy, data security and the law, and we have seen this attitude reflected in DataCentric and its processing and processes. We expect that our relationship with them will continue to provide us with the success that we have been obtaining. "

    Sonia Vinuesa - Marketing Manager for OCU

  • "At TNS, we make data quality our top priority in order to provide maximum value for our clients and, above all, since we established our sampling unit, we have clearly set our sights on DataCentric as our fellow traveller. Direct contact, swift responses, on-going consultancy and quality samples have been the results we’ve obtained from the very outset. At TNS we customize our projects to meet our clients’ needs and DataCentric has adapted and provided us with perfect consultancy every time we’ve needed it. "

    Josep Compte - Director of TNS