Street Masterfield

DataCentric Street Masterfile

The most complete street geocoordinate database in Spain. A Masterfile based on Cadastre, Postal and Geographical Information (including The Basque Country and Navarre).

– Over 13.700.000 records…
– 50% exact front door location!
– 50% center of the building!
– 95% precisely geo-coordinate!

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    It is a seamless national Database with high quality attributes

    - Municipality code (as classified by INE – Spanish - Statistics Institute)
    - Street code (numeric identifier)
    - Street type (Street, Square, Avenue, etc.)
    - Street name
    - Door number
    - Door qualifier (letter, ‘BIS’, etc.)
    - Door complement
    - City name
    - Municipality name
    - Province name
    - XY Coordinates

    A unique file for...

    - Address Standardization
    - Geocoding
    - Postal Validation
    - ID Check
    - Database Enhancement
    - Geomarketing
    - Analytics
    - LBS’s (Location Based Services) apps

    Benefits of working with DataCentric

    - Providers to the largest worldwide local search companies.
    - 20 years of experience in List Brokering, List Management and Data Services.
    - Experts in Data Privacy.

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