The effectiveness of Location based efforts are directly correlated with the quality of the underlying location data both the data that describes where places are in the physical world (place data), and the data that describes where users are in the physical world (device data).

DataCentric, through its Location Data Solutions, has specialized in developing and offering Location-Centric Data Sets focused on locating and describing concrete geographical points, areas of interest and surroundings.


DataCentric StreetMasterFile:

The current explosion of business data, caused by technological developments and the emergence of new digital communication channels require companies to have tools and resources to collect, process, integrate, distribute and transform data into relevant knowledge that can be used in generation of services and to make correct business decisions.

In these processes, postal data (address data) are key, both for communication and data enrichment actions as well as for data enrichment processes and consolidation of information sources. 

DataCentric StreetMasterfile is a complete dataset containing all streets in Spain, 948,315 unique streets, including complete postal addresses and official INE census area codes, available for integration in CRM applications, business proceses and information systems.


DataCentric PortalMasterFile:

As concepts as location, areas of interest, distance and movements have all become key aspects in marketing and communication of today, companies need for Location Intelligence is increasing. Capactity to locate people and places and to analyze and interpret movements and patterns is now a priority in data driven marketing strategies.

Web applications, API services, mobile apps and native geocoding need to be able to rely on a complementary structure of data that allows them to describe locations and movements on maps and transform physical address data into geographic location.

DataCentric PortalMasterFile is a complete dataset containing the GEO location of the portals of all buildings in Spain including complete postal addresses. 13.700.000 unique address points. Available for integration in API services, business processes, location based services and geographic analytic systems. DataCentric PortalMasterFile can be combined with additional modules with information about number and type of properties per each portal.


DataCentric GEOindicators:

In the analysis and interpretation of clients and markets, it is also necessary to have access to additional descriptive data. In Spain, for GDPR reasons, enrichment of consumer records with external data at individual level is not allowed. For this reason, the use of statistical indicators assigned at micro-zone level is widespread and common practice in Marketing and Business Inteligence departments.

Habitually, statistical indicators are assigned at census area or portal level. Which makes the previous level of data quality a priority issue.

DataCentric GEOindicators are a set of statistical indicators with a geographical dimension, which allow explaining the socio-demographic, socio-economic and real estate characteristics of large geographic areas such as regions, provinces, or microzones such as postal codes, census areas or portals of buildings.

DataCentric GEOindicators are available through batch processes or / and API connections. Succesfully used for analytics and insights, and lead qualification.


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