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Solutions for telemarketing and SMS campaigns.


More than 18 Million mobile phones with permission, responsive profile and great segmentation capacity.

The Best ROI for Your Telemarketing and SMS Campaigns

Our database portfolio has more than 18 million mobile telephone numbers. Because they are cell phones, they ensure the best contactability. These records’ general profile is characterized by responsiveness to distance selling. But you will also find a host of specific segmenting criteria to fine-tune your targeting as must as possible. 

Expected, personal and pertinent

It’s expected, since your customer has given an opt-in and is open to receiving offers of interest. So expectation has been generated.
It’s personal, which helps you establish a dialogue with your potential customer.
It’s pertinent, because the customer receives information in advance on the products that interest them.

Effective Acquisition Campaigns: rest assured

We provide added value services in the way of Data quality processes to de-duplicate, correct, and validate records whose origin is on-line making them open to being falsified or incomplete. We do all of this while guaranteeing full compliance with privacy, and Data security legislation. DataCentric is the market leader in Data services for acquisition campaigns.


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