Validate and enrich Spain, Portugal and Latin America B2B data

Validate and enrich Spain, Portugal and Latin America B2B data

B2B information for Big Data projects and decision making

It is becoming increasingly common for business processes to require specific or constant access to external information and data that help them to complete or verify their data. At Deyde DataCentric we offer company and business data for Big Data and decision-making projects that require validation and data enrichment with the most complete and high quality business information on the market.

B2B data validation for KYB processes

With our APIs for validation and qualification of companies and freelancers, you can check the identity of a business, verify its data, activate fraud alerts and enrich customised business information.


B2B data enrichment for Big Data projects

Companies with cif, real activity, employees, turnover, location… Access information about Spanish companies and connect them with your business:

  • VAT number
  • Activities/Markets (more granularity and precision than CNAE)
  • Degree of digital maturity
  • Complete and standardised address
  • Telephone
  • Date of incorporation of the company
  • Employees and their evolution over time
  • Turnover and its evolution over time
  • Sales forecast
  • Default risks
  • If it has E-commerce
  • If the company is active or not
  • Type of business: Companies and Self-employed
  • Fleet of vehicles
  • Type of office and number of branches
  • If you import and/or export
  • Domain (URL)
  • HTML
    • Title
    • Keywords
    • Description
    • Text
    • Tokens
    • Alexa
  • Digital Profiles
  • Ecommerce
  • Economic, competitive, technological and legal intelligence
  • Coordinates (x,y)
  • Geography: Autonomous Region, Province, Locality,
  • Distances
  • Industrial Estates
  • Business Parks
  • Number and density of companies
  • Sectorial distribution of companies
  • Territorial surface
  • Areas of interest

480,000 businesses in Portugal.

5,530,000 businesses in Mexico.

Up to 896,000 companies in Colombia.

And over 71,000 companies in Peru.


Combines accurate segmentation and up-to-date business contact data 100% targeted for marketing and commercial purposes

FAQs on B2B information for decision making

We have been in the data business for 25 years. We work on the accuracy, updating and preparation of each piece of data so that you can easily, simply and in real time integrate accurate information that adds value to your information systems without the need to apply extra data processing processes.

In addition to information from pre-processed public sources, we have data that you will not find in any information source and we model data tailored to your business and your needs. In the past we have generated data to synthesise business realities such as the degree of digital maturity of companies, reconstruction value of a home, environmental risks or energy certifications.

The applications can be varied and have multiple uses for your business. Our clients use this data for:

  • Search for business opportunities
  • Avoid fraud in online processes
  • Lead scoring to assess lead potential and manage internal resources appropriately.
  • Competitive intelligence studies
  • Data visualisation for shop network analysis, route organisation and geomarketing
  • Search for twins of your best customers

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Company data is stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3, resident EU (Ireland, currently) and is accessible via API, SalesForce connector or through our data quality tool MyDataQ.

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