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Data Governance

Currently one of the keys to the success of any company is based on the reliable information that feeds its operation and management. Although executives agree with this statement, very few know if there are processes within their organizations that ensure that the information they consume is reliable…

Data management is an integral component in a company’s strategy in order to ensure that the Data processed by the systems is unique and reliable; For this, from DataCentric we have designed a methodology that facilitates the application of criteria and regulations to manage the main Data of an organization in order to achieve a consistent, reliable and shared view of the Data.

Our MDM Solution

We have a solution that standardizes, normalizes, enriches and unifies Data and information to ensure correct integration, maintaining a single coding, avoiding duplication and sharing relevant information among all areas of the company: single view of customers and / or products, creation of a single point of Data entry.

This allows greater agility in management, providing connected, secure and quality Data for decision-making and integration into marketing systems, CRM, ERP’s, Data Warehouse, BI applications, SOA architectures, etc.

Business applications

With our solutions we optimize the decision-making process to carry out marketing and sales campaigns or Data integration: detect information gaps, damaged or obsolete records, referential integrity checks, consistency between attribute names and creation of standardized data groups to help our clients in all aspects of Data accuracy and LOPD compliance

Data management policies are aimed at achieving optimal accessibility to take full advantage of the potential of business information thanks to its multifunctionality, which can serve different uses:

  • Localization of Data from each master, between the different operational systems.
  • Implementation of Data Quality processes.
  • Implementation of batch or online processes.
  • Migrations that require transforming data models.
  • Integration of operational Data control solutions at the point of entry.



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