All information you need

Alive, flexible, validated and updated system

Large companies’ decisions are based on data to improve customer orientation and business ratios. To achieve their objectives, data should be useful to all departments of the company.
Combination of external and internal data help us to grow our business. However, we can find that the quality of our data and the big amount of external data could increase our costs and decrease efficacy of processes and actions based on this data.

What about a unique data source useful for all areas of our business? What about decreasing costs and increasing business ratios? All of it using standardized data and integrating it in an easy way.

Pyramid Data

DataCentric information repository

Datasets of DataCentric belong to the four realities that make up the economy: Companies, Consumers, Digital World and Physical World. We have created relationships between our datasets to merge them in a unique, alive, flexible, validated and updated system, in which our Clients will find all information they need for their projects.

Why Pyramid Datalake


Reputed data

Real, accuracy and updated data


Innovation and experience

A team made up of Data Scientists and the experience of more than 20 years managing data


Related data

Relationships already generated and verified


Easy integration and access

With Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud among others. Available in batch file and real time



If you need any type of information or advice about our DataCentric services, contact us and we will be happy to help you.