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Spanish consumer emails
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international consumer emails
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Email Marketing campaigns in Spain and internationally

Our database portfolio in Spain covers more than 20 million consumer emails and 600,000 professional profile emails: businessmen, freelancers and company managers. We also have 150 million emails from international consumers. All of them with permission, great engagement and the segmentation possibilities that your campaign needs.

Segments and volumes of the Email Database

More than 20,000,000 emails from consumers in Spain, segmentable by sociodemographic criteria: interests, socioeconomic level, geography, gender or age.

Online shoppers

More than 4,000,000 emails from online buyers.


More than 2,000,000 emails from techies, fans of technology news.

Stock investors

More than 100,000 emails from stock investors.

Portuguese consumers

More than 2,000,000 emails from Portuguese consumers.


More than 65,000 emails from executives registered in DirectiveosPLUS.

Professionals and freelancers

More than 200,000 Emails from professionals and freelancers from the Professional TODAY community.


Specialists in Email Marketing and digital acquisition

With more than 15 years of experience in Email Marketing, Deyde DataCentric offers you a complete service that ranges from advice on the offer, segmentation or database to use, campaign conception, creative layout and landing pages, marketing plans, -targeting, reporting of each shipment and feedback on results.

Frequently asked questions about mailing to our databases:

Buying an email database could fill your mailings with SPAM and bring data protection fines. Permission to send advertising cannot be transferred, and recipients may mark it as SPAM or report it. Our databases only contain users who have consented to receive content and advertising from the community or newsletter to which they signed up. Therefore, our databases are 100% Opt-in and secure for your database.

We offer a complete permission marketing service, which includes segmentation, delivery, and reporting of opens and clicks. You can see examples of campaigns and how the advertiser’s creativity is integrated at this link.

Our email marketing is based on accurate and up-to-date opt-in data. We offer unique segmentation to reach the right people and services of layout, forms and results tracking.

We do not know how your campaign will work at the sales level, but if we can guarantee that the emails will be delivered and will not end up in spam, we can therefore guarantee a minimum number of openings.

Yes, we comply with regulations, including GDPR and LSSI, to handle data safely and ethically. You can trust that your email marketing strategy is in safe and reliable hands.

Some common mistakes are:

  • Send informative emails without a clear value proposition.
  • Not including an effective call to action.
  • Design the email thinking that the images will always be seen.
  • Use boring subjects.
  • Non-responsive mobile-friendly creatives.
  • Not measuring results. From Deyde DataCentric we provide you with results of openings and clicks, which you can complement with business metrics.

Send us the creative in HTML format. The best thing to do is to use tables for the content layout to avoid destructuring the message. What’s more:

  • The images included in said HTML will be gif, jpg/jpeg or png, never flash. Animated GIFs are possible, but in many managers only the first image will be displayed
  • Within the HTML file it will NOT be possible to define:
  1. a) background images, if you can define background colors.
  2. b) linked style sheets or specific style sheets in the document.
  3. c) no definition inside the tag
  4. d) tags
  • The weight of the creative (HTML + images) will be a maximum of 150kb.
  • The html will need to be aligned, as by default it will be centered if it is not aligned.
  • The styles will be in.line, that is, the style will be defined in each label. Eg: <span style=”font-family:verdana;color:#000;font-size:12px;”
  • The maximum width of the creative is 600 pixels wide, although it is recommended not to exceed 450 pixels wide.
  • HTML exported from programs such as Word or FrontPage will not be accepted to avoid the “junk code” that they generate and that later causes it to be misinterpreted by email managers.
  • The subject will be brief, no more than 5 or 6 words. Preferably that it does not contain the name of the advertiser and that it does not have a very advertising “tone”, but it is suggestive. And above all, AVOID USING ALL CAPS.
  • It is recommended to validate the HTML code with W3c standards (

Hiring an email marketing campaign with us is simple. Contact us to discuss your goals and target audience. Our expert team will guide you in the segmentation or selection of the most appropriate email database and in the creation of effective campaigns.

Together, we will create a winning strategy and in 2-3 days you can have your campaign launched to drive the success of your business. Write us your request.

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