Your data is one of the main assets of your company

There is a significant business opportunity in monetizing some of your company’s data, yet most of these projects fall like a house of cards. The main causes of these failures are due to not having done their homework in terms of privacy, data quality and the lack of a team specialized in data marketing.

Looking for the leading listbroking company?

At Deyde DataCentric we are the leading marketers of databases for interactive marketing campaigns and information for decision-making. We work for some of the main companies in the country such as Naturgy, Orange, Iberdrola, Sanitas or Catalana Occidente.

We are experts in the validation, qualification and state of the art of databases and segmentation. We also have our own campaign management platform, Xcampaign, and specialist landings and database management services.

Advantages of working with Deyde DataCentric

  • We will achieve maximum exposure and economic performance of your data without the need to develop a new sales channel. Deyde DataCentric will be in charge of all the promotional, sales and customer collection efforts.
  • We will manage the entire segmentation and analysis process. Making telephone validation systems available to the project, cleasing, segmentation criteria or campaign broadcasting.
  • We take care of guaranteeing an entire framework of work in accordance with current regulations and ways of acting of the AEPD to safeguard all those involved.
  • Some of the owners who entrust us with their data monetization project obtain extra business that represents up to 25% of their revenue.

Commitment and security

Based on an offer and a user acquisition target, we study the feasibility of performance-based work in CPL format, including results monitoring, as well as the optimisation of creatives and form questions.

Our priorities in every project are transparency, legal data security and the generation of a cost-effective solution tailored to each client.


If you need any type of information or advice about our Deyde DataCentric services, contact us and we will be happy to help you.