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Your specialist
Email Marketing tool

The multichannel communication platform: Email, SMS and Offline.

Hit the right user, with the right message and at the right time.

Our XCampaign technological platform allows the development and implementation of an automated and massive communications plan; but with completely personalized content for each user to achieve maximum relevance at the individual level.

Our technology will enable you to segment, test, and apply dynamic, responsive content, implement chains of messages, and deliver large volumes of email, and all with full online reports. But we wouldn’t be covering all of your needs if we didn’t complement this with consultancy on best practice and global services for databases, process automation and email and landing page design.

Advantages of the leading Email Marketing tool

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  • Deliverability of more than 99% rate.
  • Management and automation of multichannel communication plans: SMS, Email, Offline.
  • Simple connection interfaces with your CRM, ERP, CMS or Eshops, etc.
  • Machine learning capability.
  • Infinite control and monitoring statistics, including sales tracking.
  • Tailor-made CMS templates that are dynamically customizable 1 to 1 in all their elements.
  • Local support in Spain and layout and data management services.
  • More than 200 large advertisers in Europe and Latin America use XCampaign as a campaign management solution for various communication channels.

Unique functionalities of our Email Marketing platform

You will be able to generate attributes based on user clicks and later use them to segment or personalize content.

You can easily plan customized actions based on user behavior on your website or with respect to sent campaigns. For example, resend emails or SMS to users who do not respond to the campaign or plan actions for users who have left an abandoned online cart.

Simple tests of different email variants. Test different elements in the subject or body of the email and make a manual or automatic selection of the best variant based on opens or clicks.

The voucher server generates codes based on a defined template and automatically personalizes these individual vouchers for each recipient. Predefined codes can also be read as alphanumeric codes, QR codes, barcodes.

Editable and optimized for mobile and dynamic content. Xcampaign offers a package of responsive and adaptable templates for different types of uses.

Comprehensive reporting of each email marketing send and all transactions for each campaign can be automatically transferred to your server. You can consume exactly all the information you need to generate the statistics you want.

Easily compare shipments to analyze and evaluate what works and what doesn’t.

Exhaustive reporting of each shipment and unique statistics such as elements shared on social networks.

Track sales through specific reports that evaluate the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

View how your creatives look on different email clients and devices to review how each person in your database sees the email before sending.

Xcampaign validates the content of your html to detect possible elements that could cause you to fall into spam. We have a team of deliverability specialists who daily monitor the reputation of our IPs, shipments and requirements from the main ISPs.

Possibility of accessing users who are not in your Database and contracting campaigns to increase the dissemination and reach of your message.

Option to hire a cleaning service for your emails before importing them, which includes normalization at the syntactic, domain and email levels.

Clients who trust Xcampaign's Email Marketing campaigns

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Frequently asked questions about the Email Marketing Campaign tool

Xcampaign has features for easy integration with your CRM, ERP or Data Platform. Our email marketing tool allows you to work with your own CRM data to select campaign profiles and audiences. Upload your data to XCAMPAIGN (xls, csv, xml, json, etc.) or automatically send your data online using our flexible APIs, which allow sending data, triggering actions and the content of the emails one by one.

At XCAMPAIGN TM we give top priority to data security. The data is stored in a highly secure data center hosted in the EU. The entire infrastructure is built redundantly and specific data is secured georedundantly. XCAMPAIGN offers 24/7 system provisioning and daily full backup.

In addition, there is the possibility of encrypting your data within our system using the optional XCRYPTO encryption service. In this case, your sensitive data is not stored on the server, but is first encrypted externally. Encryption ensures that your sensitive data cannot be viewed by unauthorized persons at any time.

Among our clients we have the most demanding audits, including Swiss Banks and some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

You will have local support in Spain that will help you take advantage of the possibilities of email marketing. Xcampaign is an intuitive tool with a short learning curve. Customers receive a live training session to be able to use the tool and subsequently our support is available to resolve any issues.

More than 99% deliverability, our service and the exhaustive reporting that the tool allows are the strengths of Xcampaign. Additionally, you have the possibility of renting records and running campaigns for users who are not in your Database.

  1. Fill out the registration form with your email or phone number
  2. You will meet without obligation with an expert advisor not only in the tool but also in email marketing to resolve all your doubts and see success stories.
  3. Your account will be configured according to your needs
  4. You will receive a training session to be able to use the tool
  5. You can now log in to the application and start taking advantage of the advantages of XCAMPAIGN

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