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External Data: the missing link

Not only in business and marketing actions but also in business processes, it is becoming more common by the day for companies, on a once-off or an on-going basis, to need to be able to have available or access external Data and information.

A company may know its customers perfectly well, but may be lacking information to be able to identify and quantify their possibilities for expansion. Or it may have a business process based on the latest technology, but yet lack the information and data to be able to identify, locate, validate and evaluate, in real time, the new opportunities that arise. New technology allows us to communicate and relate to our customers interactively and in real time, and to automate tasks and decisions that used to be based on manual processes. But access to external Data and information as a complement to its own business processes at all times has become a priority need.

Access DataCentric’s Data Sources

DataCentric’s main asset is our experience and ability to generate, maintain, interpret and supply Data. Data Licensing is our product that shares this asset with our clients and allows them access to all of our Data sources. This means companies can have the Data they need at any point in time and can integrate them in their own systems and processes.

Leading companies in a variety of industries such as banks, insurance companies, electric companies, portals and search engines, locating services, geographic information systems, and the like base their business on Datacentric’s Data Licensing. Data Licensing can be implemented through customized Data sets with periodic updating or online access connecting with Datacentric’s DaaS platform.


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