Priority and Inseparable

Progress in information technology implies not only managing more personal data, such as a customer’s location, at all times but also, exponentially, managing volumes that get larger and larger by the day.

The importance of Data Privacy & Compliance should not merely be considered as compliance with Spain’s Data Protection (LOPD) and Information Society Services (LSSI) Acts which regulate personal data protection and electronic communication and contracting. Data Privacy management involves information technology tools and covers aspects as varied as handling customer rights, obtaining permits, data transfers, cybersecurity and new EC directives.

Data Privacy & Compliance, the technological organization behind personal data management, and legal compliance stand as two inseparable priorities.

Experience-based products and services that generate trust

  • They identify the risks that the company will face bearing in mind potential severity and likelihood
  • They establish proper policies and procedures to ensure that our clients comply with applicable legislation
  • Datacentric provides ARCO copyright management methodology and a strategic road map to help maximize data and design value and it implements monitoring procedures to protect the company
  • They secure campaign and promotion management in online media. Here, legislation requires effective security measures according to the category attributed to each database. At DataCentric we handle all three categories: high, medium and low.

A strategic partnership

DataCentric offers its experience to help companies to securely gather, manage and monetize data through their different marketing channels. Thanks to the proper management of their data and proactive management of risks stemming from the Data Protection (LOPD) and Information Society Services (LSSI) Acts, we forge our customers’ trust.



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