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Keys for enhancing profitability

Without unified lead and sales management for your different campaigns and channels, it’s pretty complicated to optimize your results. And it’s impossible to act in real time to increase your investment in the campaigns that are working the best and halt investment in the ones that aren’t working.

Combining data and technology

Our lead management platform enables you to combine your clients’ data with DataCentric information to do more accurate segmenting. We use offline data to enrich the digital footprint of each lead or browser to choose the best ones for each offer. With this information, we generate the campaign’s test visuals and begin full monitoring of results, i.e. profitability, cost and generated lead profiles.

Optimize your acquisition campaigns

Our Third Party Data adds knowledge about who your idea target is for each campaign. For instance, we include information about socio-economic status and, exclusively, B2B segmenting. All of this information adds a layer of knowledge to cookies and form leads. In short, we generate a digital footprint of each lead’s potential so that the technology can improve the profitability of each investment in real time.



If you need any type of information or advice about our DataCentric services, contact us and we will be happy to help you.