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We use the internet as a Data Source and we extract the information you need tailored for your projects with processes similar to those used by search engines to scan and index web pages.

What is web Crawling and Web Scraping?

Web Crawling: It is a process in which a web robot systematically navigates through the internet, exploring webs and following links in order to collect web content on another system. All search engines use these bots, called crawlers, to index the different websites in their search engines.

Web Scraping: Another process that shares the same characteristics as webcrawling but focuses more on transforming unstructured data on the web (such as HTML format) into structured data that can be stored and analyzed in a central database, on a sheet. calculation or some other storage source.

In short, the web crawler directs the web scraper through the network so that it can collect the requested information in a specific storage system. In combination, the Data Crawling and Data Scraping processes serve to improve operations and provide information that allows executive decisions to be made that end up impacting on an improvement in the experience and service of the end customer.

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How can our services help you?

A technique with so much potential, only you can know how it can be useful in your business. Tell us your problem and we will advise you. Some applications it has for our clients:

Creation of high quality databases customized according to your needs from the internet.
It includes the internet as a source of knowledge to make business decisions: Analysis of the competition, entry into new markets, search for relationships, comparison of prices in stores, detection of changes in websites …
Create lists of potential company clients with web features: ecommerce listings, companies with LinkedIn on their site, companies that use PayPal as a payment gateway.
Monitor your brand reputation and track mentions and reviews online automatically.
Make informed decisions with alternative financial data gleaned from the internet.
Automate your reports, relate internal data to other external sources, including the internet.


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