Big data is one of the pillars of our increasingly digital future. This is a prediction so rooted in present day facts that it’s virtually indisputable barring some sort of major social or planetary catastrophe. The simple reason why is this: As our lives, economic activity, personal habits and social fabric become ever more digitized, […]

Madrid, 12 June 2019. – Tinsa, the leading group in real estate data valuation and services in Europe and Latin America, has formalized the purchase of 100% of DataCentric, a Spanish company specialized in the field of Big Data, Geo-marketing and digital solutions for decision making. The agreement reinforces Tinsa’s digital and innovation profile, where […]

In case of yes, having access to a database with companies and businesses located in industrial parks can be a winning competitive advantage. DataCentric has developed the Industrial Park Database for Spain. It covers the 4,045 existing industrial parks and a total of 220,000 companies and businesses with an industrial and manufacturing profile. The Industrial […]

The effectiveness of Location based efforts are directly correlated with the quality of the underlying location data both the data that describes where places are in the physical world (place data), and the data that describes where users are in the physical world (device data). DataCentric, through its Location Data Solutions, has specialized in developing […]